Delivering Quality Service After an Accident

In business since 2005, Gate City Body Shop & Service Center Inc. is a top-rated Collision Repair facility in Greensboro, NC, that has completed over 30,000 auto body repairs. Whether you're looking for a full–service collision repair center or reputable technicians to fix your car, Gate City has what you need. We're established, we're experienced, and our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent bodywork, and the convenience of a one-stop-shop. Our team consists of experienced, auto body technicians, certified experts in collision repairs and refinishing, as well as a Master technician. This means that we can handle all of your auto body repair needs—from minor scratches and dents to severe scrapes, rusting or other serious damage. Whether you just want to get your vehicles ready for summer driving or are looking for a more comprehensive plan to prepare it for a family vacation, we will help you get back We'll even help you file your insurance claim, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Meet the Owner(s):

Tuyen Vu

Tuyen was born a problem solver, which explains how he managed to run his previous body shops in LA before moving to Greensboro to start a family. When Tuyen opened Gate City Body Shop & Service Center Inc. in 2005, he was able to combine all his previous experience under one roof.


Since then, he's upgraded the shop into a full-service body shop and car service center with the latest equipment and techniques. As a shop owner, Tuyen takes pride in offering quality repair work on time and at a fair price. At work, you won't see Tuyen sitting behind a desk. He's happy to be out in the shop working with his team and training new technicians.

April Nunez (Manager)

April Nunez has long been a mainstay of the Gate City Body Shop & Service Center Inc. Inc team. From intimate knowledge and commitment to customer service, April can create positive relationships with her clients, many of whom drive from as far as Madison and Wentworth to have us work on their cars.


As an estimator, she is responsible for resolving customer questions and makes sure all our clients are happy and satisfied with the services.

Regardless, the workflow goes well because she has thought it out the night before and everyone is aware of what will happen at a particular time.


Make sure to give her a call and she will help you.