Auto Body Experts
Helping You Get Back on the Road & On with Life

Gate City Body Shop and Service Center was established in 2005. The shop was purchased from John Nunley of Nunley’s Frame & Body. In the beginning, we received a lot of requests to paint vehicles for import car shows and antique car shows, and we excelled at helping customers make their show car dreams a reality. We became known for building fiberglass and carbon fiber body parts and expertly using House of Colors custom paint. Eventually, we got into painting drag racing cars as well.

In 2010, we moved to our current building next to Biscuitville on West Market Street. With our new (and smaller) space, we decided to focus on insurance jobs as much as custom work. Based on our extensive auto body experience, we’re able to get jobs done right and on time, moving cars through the shop quickly for everyone’s benefit, especially our customers. We know you need to back on the road and on with your life.

Our Team

Tuyen Vu, Owner & Manger

Tuyen opened Gate City Body Shop and Service Center in 2005 after moving to Greensboro from Los Angeles. He owned two auto body shops in the L.A. area before settling here to start a family with his wife who’s from North Carolina. Before going into business for himself, Tuyen was a Gas Turbine Mechanic in the Navy, a job requiring manual dexterity and mechanical know–how. As a shop owner, Tuyen takes pride in offering quality repair work on time and at a fair price.

Nguyen Dao, Floorman

Nguyen has been with the shop since Day 1–November 1, 2005. As the floorman, he is the communication bridge between the front office and our technicians in back, making sure we maintain work flow through the shop. He is also the mentor for our bodyman/painter training program, as well as our highest producer as a bodyman or painter.

Matt Newell, Mechanic/Helper

Matt is self–motivated. For him, no task is too big or too small. He will jump into any job to make sure it’s complete and the vehicle is returned to the customer on time. We can always count on him whenever anyone needs a helping hand.

Donald Ashley, Helper

Donald is just excited about life and work. While he’s our most junior team member, he is a self–made guy and determined to be a success. He plans to go to school for Automotive Technology, and he is currently building his skills as a bodyman and painter.

April Erickson, Estimator

April is a people’s person. As an estimator, she calculates the cost of repair work, resolves any customer questions or confusion, and makes sure our customers are happy and satisfied. She also sees that we stay on schedule, and works with insurance adjusters to ensure all hidden damage is repaired. Every evening, she plans what we will do the next day in order to maintain the stability of work flow through the shop, which benefits us and our customers. Give April a call, and she will help you!

Ly Ksor, Mechanic

Ly first came to Gate City as a customer. He wanted us to paint a little tuner Honda he had built and customized himself. To say he was very particular is an understatement–he treated his Honda like a Ferrari, and expected us to do the same. We joke that this was the first time the shop worked on a "Ferrari". Ly joined our team in 2013 to meet increased demand for auto repairs. Today, we have plenty of "Ferraris" for him to work on.

DK, Bodyman/Mechanic

DK is an Automotive Technology graduate from Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC). In 2007, he came to Gate City as a mechanic, and since 2012, he has been a producing bodyman and is now training to be a painter. With his background in mechanics, DK is an exceptional bodyman, and once he is a painter too, he’ll pretty much be able to do it all.

From the Owner, Tuyen Vu

Ever since I was a small child, I loved drawing cars. That’s probably the first indication that I would own an auto body shop as an adult. But I didn’t take a straight path getting here. When I started college, I received an art scholarship for $25,000, but that was only enough for the first year. My parents couldn’t help, and I redirected to engineering, thinking it would be more practical career-wise. However, after two years of classes and some internship experience, it just didn’t feel right. I decided to join the Navy as a Gas Turbine Mechanic.

Three years later, I stumbled on a body shop and loved the idea of repairing cars for a living. For the remaining two years I was in the service, I saved all the money I could and worked part-time in various body shops in the Los Angeles area. In 2002, I took over a five bay shop in Pasadena, CA, and six months after that, I took over another small shop nearby.

Soon, I met my future wife. When we decided to get married, she wanted to live in North Carolina, where she was from, but I wanted to stay in L.A. So we made a bet, which I lost. (And she did make more money than me at the time.)

Tuyen Vu Family

We moved to Greensboro, and I opened Gate City Body Shop and Service Center in 2005. Our first location was on West Lee Street by the coliseum. In 2010, we moved to West Market next to Biscuitville. While sometimes it’s tough because I no longer have the professional network that I did in Southern California, the Greensboro community more than makes up for it. Everyone is very supportive and wants to see me succeed.

I think one reason people are so warm is because they’ve come to depend on me and my shop—there was a real need for affordable, quality repair work in the area, and we’ve satisfied that need. Customers ask for me by name because they trust me and see me as a friend. In fact, that’s what my estimator complains about the most… “Everyone is asking for Tuyen.”